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Cairo, the crossroads of Africa and the Middle East Reserve a plane ticket to Cairo and take off to a fascinating destination forever steeped in history. Known as 'the victorious', the capital of Egypt is a city of a thousand and one curiosities. Both day and night, the most populated city in Africa is always busy. A flight to Cairo will take you to the crossroads of Africa and the middle east, on the traces of history in an authentic setting. It is a city of celebrations where myths and legends are alive, a merchant city which has preserved its character. Prepare yourself for some magical moments in some incredible places. La citadel of Saladin, Mohammed Ali mosque, the copte district and the egyptian museum are just some of the emotionally charged places to visit, as well as Zamalek island, which is appreciated for it's its rich and wild greenery. A Cairo tourist guide will take you to the heart of the islamic district, in the hustle and bustle of the big market. The Khân el Khalili market dates back to the middle ages. Attracted by the fragrance of spices and incense ? Seduced by pieces of silverware ? Explore the many surprising market stalls and take the time to appreciate a cup of coffee, the signature drink of Egypt. With your plane ticket to Cairo, you will be able to immerse yourself in the fairytale setting of the Nile. See the ancient pontoons where are moored some of the last boat houses of the city. Cairo is bursting with architectural and historical treasures. On the Gizeh plateau, at the foot of the Sphinx, around the majestic Képhren, Mykérinos et de Khéops pyramids time seems to have stood still. The most famous egyptian necropolis is one of the only treasures of antiquity to have preserved its original condition.