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Brazil, join the dance

The unmissable south american destination, Brazil is the land of carnivals, but not only! From the idyllic beaches of the northeast, to the hiking trails of the Minas Gerais, the whole of Brazil is a constant enchantment for the senses.

A visit to Brazil should of course include a stay in Rio de Janeiro! The 'marvelous city' is the object of much fascination not only because of its breathtaking panoramic views, endless beaches and geological treasures: it is also because of its pleasant way of life, embodied by the samba and the bossa nova, two musical styles native to this south american metropolis.

Another favourite destination is the northeast of Brazil. Enjoy a holiday in Brazil’s northeast, comprised of towns such as Salvador de Bahia, Recife ou Fortaleza, this vast region is blessed with a wealth of natural treasures and embodies like no other the essence of brazilian traditions. Carnaval, festival of Saint John, C hristmas or new year’s eve… holiday celebrations take on an exuberance found nowhere else on earth! Moving away from the coastline, you will also discover the majestic landscapes of Chapada Diamantina natural park, which will provide you with some unforgettable hikes.

One lifetime is not enough to explore all the treasures of this vast country! A flight to Sao Paulo, will immerse you in an extraordinary melting pot of a city. A visit to Brazil is also the opportunity to explore a land of wild and diverse natural beauty. Go surfing in Florianopolis and gaze in wonder at the magnificent Iguazu waterfall, the biggest in all of L atin America! Moving inland from the beaches, the Minas Gérais region holds some excellent surprises for enthusiasts of both gastronomy and history, with colonial towns such as Ouro Preto and Tiradentes.

Further inland, the vast expanse of tropical forest provides a destination of choice for hiking and extreme sport enthusiasts, particularly in the Mato Grosso do Sul area, which is opening itself up to eco-tourism.