Yerba, plants in the spotlight

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Yerba, plants in the spotlight

At the Yerba vegetarian restaurant, vegetables are the raw material.

With a carrot fest, a creamy tofu-based chocolate mousse, eggplant fritters with spices and wild mushrooms tartar, roasted eggplant, celery and onion mash, roasted Brussels sprouts served with a potato yogurt… You guessed it right: this trendy Amsterdam dining establishment gives vegetarian and vegan food pride of place. The menu changes seasonally, according to the whims of chef Walter Marskamp, and Yerba relies on local produce from responsible farmers.
In the semi-open kitchen, wasting is forbidden and sustainable development very much fostered. From roots to leaves, everything is usable, worked with and enriched to make up the best dishes and cocktails, served with or without alcohol. An omnivorous option is also available, offering locally sourced fish and meat on the gastronomical menu. Only open for dinner (exception being weekend brunch), the restaurant elegantly demonstrates that vegetables are way more than sides.

Ruysdaelstraat 48
1071 XE Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 471 46 95

Menu: around 34 EUR