Vino e Camino: rustic charm

traditional cuisine
Vino e Camino: rustic charm

Chef Cristina Baroni celebrates simple regional fare with mouth-watering results.

You are barely through the doorway of Vino e Camino and you already feel completely at home.

And for good reason: everything here contributes to create a warm family atmosphere, from the generous, unpretentious dishes simmered with mastery, to the seasonal market products, not to mention the walnut flooring, kitchen chairs, and walls of exposed stone.

Central to this welcoming ambience is the gentle heat coming from a wood-fired oven covered with Vietri ceramics, where bread is baked and veal brisket turned into delicious stew. Regional cuisine and authentic terroir go hand in hand here in very generously served portions. Keep room for dessert! It would be a shame, after the octopus antipasti with tomato and the lamb with stuffed artichokes, to not taste the tozzetti, crunchy almond biscuits that you soak in your coffee.

Vino e Camino
Piazza dell'Oro 6
00186 Roma

+39 06 68301332

Menu: around 35 EUR