The Sixth Floor Museum, the last minutes of JFK

The Sixth Floor Museum, the last minutes of JFK

The shots fired from this building on 22 November 1963 were allegedly those that killed JFK as the procession drove by.

Lee Harvey Oswald reportedly fired the deadly shots at the 35th American President from the sixth floor of this administrative building. The former Texas School Book Depository stands at the corner of Elm and Houston Streets and is now open to visitors. Thanks to the impressive exhibits consisting of films, photos and other documents, the museum examines the life, death, socio-political context and heritage of JFK. The part of the exhibition entitled “Corner Window” (the window from which the shooter supposedly fired) realistically describes the crime scene: on video screens, a white cross painted on the roadway indicates the exact location where JFK died. “Crisis Hours” follows the intense 48 hours that followed the assassination, while “The Investigations” details various speculations and explains the report presented to Kennedy's successor. The tour ends with “Legacy”, exploring the impact of JFK on the American landscape. The seventh floor holds temporary exhibitions and special programmes about JFK. A tribute and memory museum well worth visiting.

The Sixth Floor Museum
411 Elm Street
Dallas, TX 75202

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