The Scran and Scallie, Edinburgh's reference gastro-pub

gastronomical pub
The Scran and Scallie, Edinburgh's reference gastro-pub

Sprung from the imagination of two starred chefs, Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack, the Scran & Scallie is the new meeting ground for Edinburgh's food lovers.

In local dialect, scran means "food" and scallie is the short for "scallywag". Two of Scotland's best chefs have teamed up and created this place at once recognised for the quality of the food, based on regional and seasonal products, as well as its friendly atmosphere.
The concept skilfully blends traditions and modernity: bricks, celadon-blue tones on the walls and filament bulbs create a warm decor that will immediately plunge you into a high-end culinary experience, drawing its inspiration from Scottish gastronomy and taking it to new heights of creativity. Aside from the famous haggis (stuffed sheep stomach) and various puddings, the homemade beef sausage or the steak of smoked salmon served with scrambled duck eggs and asparagus are only some of the dishes you have to try. An original and gastronomic way to discover local specialities.

The Scran & Scallie
1 Comely Bank Road
Edinburgh EH4 1DT

+44 131 332 6281

Menu: from 31 GBP