The Old Jewish Cemetery: a stunning necropolis

The Old Jewish Cemetery: a stunning necropolis

There have been three dominant cultures in Kafka's city: Czech, German, and Jewish. A visit to the legendary Old Jewish Cemetery is not to be missed.

The Maharal, an abbreviation of Morenou HaRav Loew, (‘Our teacher, Rabbi Loew') is a famous rabbi from 16th-century Prague who died at nearly 100 years old in 1609. His monumental statue can be seen on the facade of Prague's City Hall and, of course, his tomb is in the Old Jewish Cemetery.

An important progressive religious figure, he wrote numerous essays on the ethics and historical philosophy of the Jewish people and was a prominent advocate of the rabbinical allegorical literature, the Midrash. Legend has it that he created the Golem, a monster made of clay, in order to protect the ghetto from persecution.

There are now some 12,000 Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque tombstones mixed together among the greenery. Burials took place until 1787, when an imperial decree forbade them in the city centre.

Old Jewish Cemetery
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