The hanging gardens of Namba Parks

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The hanging gardens of Namba Parks

The shifting winds of time shape the future at Namba Parks, a shopping centre covered with a green oasis at the foot of a 30-storey office tower.

In 2003, a new kind of shopping centre, Namba Parks, was inaugurated in the Namba district in the heart of Osaka, featuring hanging gardens and an urban farm. Designed by The Jerde Partnership and property of the Nankai Electric Railway Company, the ascending hanging gardens covering a total surface area of ​​11,500 square metres, are connected to the street while being an integral part of the mall. Waterfalls, flowerbeds, green roofs and cliffs are conducive to wandering around a narrow canyon that serves theatres and shops.

The site contains more than 300 species and varieties of plants. On the first levels there are magnolias, ferns, willows, climbing ivy, jasmine, azaleas, roses, lavender, gardenias… Higher up are the colours of successive flowerings with ornamental cherry trees, lilacs, azaleas, climbing junipers, cyclamens, forget-me-nots, and wig trees. The third level releases the floral fragrances of the ash, camellias, and climbing roses… Overlooking the whole, one last area offers 88 other varieties of plants, along with guided tours and gardening advice.

Namba Parks
2-10-70 Nambanaka
Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Osaka Prefecture 556-0011

+81 (0)6 6644 7100