The Design Exchange: rating creativity

The Design Exchange: rating creativity

Architecture, graphic design, fashion, and industrial design light up in the former Toronto Stock Exchange building, which has become the Design Exchange, Canada's only museum dedicated to design and innovation.

Both a museum and an active promoter of Canadian design; the Design Exchange is installed in the city's former stock exchange, the impressive Toronto Stock Exchange building. The permanent collection of the Design Exchange (DX) covers everything from fashion to furniture, through household items, electronics, and lighting, since 1945.

Promoting Canadian avant-garde design is engineered through more than 50 exhibitions, conferences, and events each year. A non-profit organisation and the only national museum dedicated to design, the Design Exchange invites you to explore the country's history through a hyper creative perspective.

The president of the DX, Shauna Levy, is an enterprising visionary and, in just four years, will be able to give the institution an international dimension. ‘Design is ubiquitous' she says, ‘it is the cornerstone of society… It is as much about addressing basic human needs, such as post-disaster housing or caring for an aging population, as it is about luxury goods and novel experiences.'

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