The Alcove Library Hotel: on the right page

The Alcove Library Hotel: on the right page

At the corner of a quiet lane, this quaint hotel tells its tale in the pages of its impressive library, encouraging you to write a new chapter in your journey.

Crossing the garden, it is hard to believe that this authentic building now houses a luxury hotel as discreet as its access from the picturesque alley. In the quieter Phu Nhuan district, The Alcove Library Hotel is sheltered from the bustle of downtown. Novels, art books, and, indeed, an incredible number of books of all kinds, which seem to have been left by travellers from all walks, line the shelves of the impressive library, which is visible upon entry to the establishment.

You need to pass through it to better discover the place; remember to borrow a few volumes on your way. The rooms, which are exercises in refined simplicity, open like blank pages to better let the imagination wander. On the top floor, the Bookmark restaurant adds another chapter with its breath-taking views of Saigon to help you continue writing the story of your journey.

The Alcove Library Hotel
133a Nguyen Dinh Chinh
Phu Nuam District
70000 Ho Chi Minh-Ville

+84 (0)8 62 56 99 66

Rooms: from 1,283,700 VND