Take a boat down the canal

Take a boat down the canal

Boat on the waters of the canal and Lake Gatun, a unique trip that lets you experience the canal from the inside.

After watching the boats navigate through the Miraflores Locks, you will definitely want to experience this for yourself. This unusual attraction is a huge tourist draw.

Different cruise packages are available. The five-hour expedition that departs from Gamboa, the meeting point of the Chagres River and the canal, takes in Gatun Lake on the edge of the forest, with its rich flora and fauna. Very popular, too, is the shorter ferry ride that crosses the locks of Miraflores and Pedro Miguel.

You can take another ship from coast to coast, across the three systems of locks, Gatun Lake, Gaillard Cut, and under the Centennial cable bridge. This unforgettable journey takes ten hours, depending on traffic.

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