Shinsekai the “new world” of yesteryear

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Shinsekai the “new world” of yesteryear

A few steps from the Tennoji district, time seems to have stopped. Since 1912, Shinsekai has been a world apart that reveals the charms of yesteryear.

When Osaka welcomed the national industrial exposition in 1903, the city engaged in a major modernisation and in 1912 Shinsekai was born. Inspired by Paris and Coney Island, the district animated the heart of Osaka and today welcomes curious onlookers to discover its streets frozen in time.

While the neon signs light your way, you can look at the shop fronts and restaurant facades that have maintained their deliciously kitsch and dated allure since the 1960s. Among the myriad stalls that will entice your amazed eyes, you may have the occasion to taste kushikatsu, tasty brochettes of breaded and fried beef. While many reproductions of Billiken, the smiling statue by the American artist Florence Pretz, will pave your way through the main thoroughfare, the imposing Tsūtenkaku tower still remains the symbol of the prosperity of Osaka.

Naniwa-ku, Osaka
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