Sharks and fluorescent jellyfish, above your head

Sharks and fluorescent jellyfish, above your head

At the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, the longest underwater tunnel in the world takes you on a tour of tropical and polar seas.

Welcome to the largest aquarium in Asia, a 13,000 square-metre paradise for children. Thousands of animals can be observed here, including dozens of rare species from seemingly deep down in the sea. The aquarium is built on a centre piece, the longest underwater tunnel in the world, allowing you to observe the animals in a 270-degree panorama.

For your enjoyment, there are sharks, manta rays, and sea lions that swim above your head in a beautiful ballet. Microcosms were recreated in the aquarium as well as in the nine adjacent galleries. The journey begins in China and continues on to the Amazon, Australia, Africa, and the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It ends with the polar world and its colony of 20 penguins, and ocean abysses. Among the rarest of residents are a giant salamander, Japanese spider crabs, fluorescent jellyfish, and shark eggs at different stages of gestation.

By way of goodbye, small doctor fish, or Garra rufa, will clean your hands if you plunge them into any of the aquariums provided.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
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