Share your rice porridge with a tai chi master

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Share your rice porridge with a tai chi master

Let us take you on three tasting tours through the streets of Shanghai.

Here's a great idea. Shanghai has a very good culinary reputation. UnTour agency invites you on three different tours of Shanghainese cuisine: one dedicated to breakfasts, a second to dumplings, and finally a gourmet discovery of the night markets.

You will eat breakfast in shops alongside tai chi masters and people doing calligraphy. You can taste steaming rice noodles, oily doughnuts called doujiang youchao, and the famous Chinese cabbage, cai, stir fried in a wok with all sorts of condiments. And also try zhou, rice porridge served in the morning, enlivened with fermented soy cheese or dried fish. The dumpling tour ends with your learning how to make them yourself under the watchful eye of a local cook. Discover all the different ingredients that go into dumplings and try classic soup dumplings or xiaolongbao. In the evening, eat fresh shellfish, a wide selection of wok fried vegetables, spicy kebabs, and ethnic cuisines, like that of Muslim minorities. Enjoy your meal!

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