Sea Picnic on Rodrigues beach

Sea Picnic on Rodrigues beach

Enjoy a delicious picnic by the sea, in the shade of a makeshift hut, on the soft white sand of a deserted beach on Rodrigues.

Tonio is getting ready in his small shack full of island tastes and flavours. His art is based on the delicious simplicity of fresh island products. Find yourself a spot facing the lagoon and Tonio does the rest.

On the menu are the simple pleasures of life in the sun with dishes like lobster and grilled fish. The white flesh, tender and fresh and barely spiced, has cooked slowly on Tonio's grill, and it melts in your mouth.

The atmosphere is warm and open to sharing and when the picnic is over, alone in the world, you can take a postprandial stroll with your feet in the clear azure water of the Rodrigues' shoreline.

Da Tonio
Gravel beach

+230 832 51 52

Menu: around 800 MUR