Pizzeria Loffredo - a well-deserved detour

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Pizzeria Loffredo - a well-deserved detour

Diehard fans of the best pizza in the city disregard the scarcity of tables and willingly leave downtown.

Whether in Asia, America or anywhere in Europe, everyone will tell you that the best pizza is Neapolitan. Certainly. But what is less known is that the best Neapolitan pizza is... in Rome. The restaurant is certainly eccentric and has only a few tables (it is advisable to book ahead), but you can enjoy, for example, a visit to Cinecittà along the way and plunge into the friendly, fun Italy we love. As for Pizzeria Loffredo, you are perfectly welcomed here and you will taste pizza like no place else on earth. Place your order at the counter and a few minutes later, a marvel of pizza arrives at your table with its generously bulging crust, fresh tomatoes and frank-tasting cheese. Now that you have come all this way, don't leave without having a Nutella turnover. You will walk it off going back!

Pizzeria Loffredo
Via Vestricio Spurinna, 53
00175 Rome

+39 06 7696 7895


Menu: around 15 EUR