Nagata-Ya: to taste fabulous ‘okonomiyaki', Hiroshima style

Nagata-Ya: to taste fabulous ‘okonomiyaki', Hiroshima style

Some consider it a speciality of Osaka, some a speciality of Hiroshima, and there are undeniable differences between the two. Nagata-Ya is the perfect place to discover the southern version.

A typical Japanese dish, okonomiyaki looks like a kind of flat cake made with, among other things, shrimp, pork breast, onion, cuttlefish, and squid. The Hiroshima version also contains noodles. On the other hand, unlike the Osaka recipe, you will not find mayonnaise or flakes of bonito covering the dish.

Nagata-Ya consists of a large room with, on the left, the kitchen, dominated by a huge hot plate on which chefs prepare the various okonomiyaki. Once ready, they are brought to your table, which also features a hot plate to keep the food warm. On the menu, various options are available: the basic okonomiyaki, from which you add various ingredients, or the already prepared okonomiyaki (the “Deluxe”, the “Kitchen of the Sea”, the “Oyster”...). Note that it is always busy, but orders are taken while you queue outside, so you are served quickly once you are seated.

Okonomiyaki Nagata-Ya
Shigeishi Building
1-7-19 Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0051

+81 (0)8 2247 0787

Menu: around 1,000 JPY