Museu do Amanhã: a museum dedicated to ideas

Museu do Amanhã: a museum dedicated to ideas

Under its futuristic skeleton, the new Rio museum offers a reflection on the origins and future of humanity.

The Museu do Amanhã or ‘Museum of Tomorrow' opened in December 2015 in the old port district of Rio, now gentrified.

It looks like a gigantic dinosaur skeleton not out of prehistory, but from a science-fiction novel. The futuristic museum-vessel was designed by the Catalan architect Santiago Calatrava and was originally inspired by the tropical bromeliad plant. Dedicated to ideas rather than objects, the building mixes art and science, and asks questions about the origins of the planet and its future potential in terms of ecology and the environment. Designed as a cosmic portal, you enter the museum via the screening of a film about the evolution of geology. The three other spaces offer interactive facilities and performances about the flow of materials, human biology, and the nervous system.

The heart of the museum, filled with giant totems, draws our attention, through sight and sound, to the major issues of humanity.

Museu do Amanhã
Praça Mauá, 1
Rio de Janeiro 20081-240

+55 (0)21 3812 1800