Morosaglia, the Corsican soul

Morosaglia, the Corsican soul

Morosaglia, the birthplace of Corsican patriotism, nestles in the hills 800 metres above sea level.

In this village of old slate houses roofed with tiles, where Roman and Baroque edifices flourish, the great father figure of the island, Pascal Paoli (1753-1893) was born.

This twice-exiled head of the independent Corsican nation and figure of the enlightenment found very little benefit from the exceptional panorama offered by this site, which is now crossed by highway D71. Switchbacks lined with chestnut and oak trees join the Col de Prado and Porta to reveal a tough, proud, and beautiful universe with still-untouched landscapes, crossed by rivers that ring out the words of the fatherland's patriarch: "All worthy Corsicans are animated by the most beautiful fire, the most intrepid courage, and the most ardent zeal for freedom."

Discover the Pascal Paoli regional museum, set up in his birthplace of Morosaglia. The main area gathers artefacts and souvenirs. The visit ends with a tour of the funeral chapel, where Saint Pancras' ashes and tombstone are stored.

Pascal Paoli Museum
20218 Morosaglia

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