Mohammed V Square: the soul of Casa

Mohammed V Square: the soul of Casa

This famous square is the administrative centre of the city. Built under the French protectorate, it is a fine example of the architecture of the 1920s, combining tradition and modernity.

At the heart of the modern city, Mohammed V Square, designed by architect Joseph Marrast, is a worthy representative of Moroccan Art Deco architecture. It brings together several administrative buildings erected after the First World War, including the Consulate of France, the courthouse, the prefecture, the central post office, and the bank of Morocco, which sits harmoniously along a side of the square.

Time seems to have stopped in this ‘arena' of elegance, whose facades reflect harmony and attention to detail. The extraordinary zellijtiled panel of the post office, located under the arcades of the main entrance, is worth a visit all by itself, as is the statue of General Lyautey in the courtyard of the consulate. The first Resident General of the French Republic in Casablanca, he fell in love with Morocco and contributed greatly to the economic development of the city. After the square, continue on to Arab League Park, the largest green space in ​​the capital, and its inviting arcades and shaded terraces.

Place Mohammed V
20250 Casablanca