Menya Maishi, experience the absolute

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Menya Maishi, experience the absolute

Discover Menya Maishi's ramen specialities, among the very best you will ever taste.

Specialists have spread the word: Menya Maishi has become one of the most famous ramen restaurants of the Japanese capital in the matter of months since its opening in April 2018. Summon your patience though, as seats are a hot commodity: there are only eight, and the restaurant does not take bookings! From the line forming outside, you will be able to peek at the extremely stripped-down dining room and salivate at the sight of dishes being cooked by the chefs.
The broth uses a base of sea bream and seaweed, and it goes together so perfectly with the shrimp tempura or the slices of pork that the dishes have become instant classics. Culinary revelations are also on the menu, with servings of fish, homemade noodles, oysters and sea urchins. A very elegant sense of umami will then take you over. To your chopsticks!

Menya Maishi
4-4-1 Ginza
Ginza A Bldg. 1F
104-0061 Tokyo
Ramen: from 1,000 JPY

+81 (0)3 3563 0377