MÉCA, emblem of Bordeaux's contemporary culture

cultural centre – art residence
MÉCA, emblem of Bordeaux's contemporary culture

Highpoint of the neighbourhood transformation of Saint-Jean Belcier, MÉCA is a hybrid between creative residence and exhibition area, overlooking the Garonne river with its defying architecture.

Walking along the Garonne river on the Paludate docks, it is impossible to miss the huge geometrical structure that blends harmoniously in the landscape. This architectural endeavour, an arch made of Bordeaux's white stone, with scale-looking windows on inclined walls, shelters the Maison de l'Économie Créative et Culturelle en Nouvelle-Aquitaine (the "region's new House of creative and cultural economy"), usually called "MÉCA". Built upon former slaughterhouses near the Saint-Jean station, it is not only a hybrid location with artist residences and a creative incubator, as MÉCA offers various exhibitions areas dedicated to contemporary art initiated by the FRAC (regional collection of contemporary art) of Nouvelle-Aquitaine as well. Regional cultural agencies, creative forces and citizens coexist in this hub of local creation and art. The various works take most of the space, up to the 800-sqm rooftop, with a 180° view over Bordeaux. The artist residences offer solid ground to performing companies looking to test out their creations with an audience and prepare for tours. They sometimes perform in MÉCA's auditorium, which is free of charge for all visitors inside the building at the moment of the performance.

Parvis Corto Maltese
Quai de Paludate
33800 Bordeaux

+33 (0)5 47 30 34 67