Martinique celebrates the summer

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Martinique celebrates the summer

Many cultural events enliven summer days throughout this beautiful Caribbean island from Saint-Pierre to Sainte-Anne, and of course Fort-de-France.

Popular festivals, exhibitions, religious celebrations, sports competitions... Martinique in the summer offers a wide variety of events. According to tradition, Fort-de-France honours its patron saint on August 25th with dances, regattas and games, as well as a few glasses of local rum. Note that all of the Martinique municipalities celebrate their patron saints in their own way. Basse-Pointe lights up on June 24th, Sainte-Anne on July 27th and if you are there on your winter break, there is Diamant on December 21st, and Trois-Ilets on February 2nd. Remember the dates of these many celebrations! This will be an opportunity for you to discover Martinique as you've never seen it!

25 August

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