Lilia Restaurante, Rio's beautiful surprise

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Lilia Restaurante, Rio's beautiful surprise

Only a few steps to walk up and there it is, Lilia or the carioca restaurant that will exalt your lunch.

In the very heart of Rio, this small restaurant displays modern and welcoming decoration amidst a traditional 19th-century house. Take the stairs that lead to it from the street and discover the family atmosphere that permeates the air: the two cousin owners named the restaurant after their grandmother Lilia as a tribute. With bricks, exposed beams, neon and suspended lights, this stripped-down charming atmosphere is sublimated by the warm rays of sun piercing through the large windows. Monday to Saturday and for lunch only, chef Lucio Vieira prepares contemporary homemade food that stands out with creative and flavourful seasonal products that have been carefully supplied by local agroforestry-supportive producers. His speciality: grilled food and the use of unconventional edible plants. The menu offers a unique selection with vegetarian alternative and changes every day, depending on deliveries. A perfect way to keep surprises going, with a timeless experience amid the carioca hustle and bustle!

Rua do Senado, 45
Rio de Janeiro 20231-000

+55 (0)21 3852 5423

Menu: around 52 BRL