Le Petit Chalet: sea view

Le Petit Chalet: sea view

On the coast road between Oran and the village of Kristel, this restaurant sitting on the cliff feels like heaven with an exceptional sea view.

People come to the Petit Chalet for the calm, the scent of pines and the three white terraces overlooking the sea. The house was built in 1926 and has been renovated with great taste in a subtle mix of stone and wrought iron.
Come for a Saturday lunch for instance. If you leave Oran early enough, you will be among the first to be served. It is possible to taste morning fish fresh from the sea, delivered directly to the restaurant by fishermen themselves: sea breams, grilled swordfish and so on, served with large salads and cool water.
In this relaxed atmosphere, everybody takes their time and nothing matters compared to all that blue… Afternoons get on with tea, children are playing and adults shout under the parasols. This is the typical Oranese relaxed way of life.

Le Petit Chalet
Route de Ain Franine
31000 Oran

+213 542 35 66 47


Menu: around 2,000 DZD