Le Light Bar at Villa Didon: for a festive atmosphere

Le Light Bar at Villa Didon: for a festive atmosphere

An elegant and trendy place, with a view over the immense Bay of Tunis.

Located on the heights of Carthage, the Villa Didon Hotel combines a 19th century style and the clean lines of contemporary architecture. With its magnificent interior done in marble and surrounded by hanging gardens, it is one of the highlights of the Tunis night.

Head to the Light Bar here, a chic and stylish haven with a festive atmosphere, which will welcome you to one of its large outdoor terraces overlooking the Bay of Tunis and the wonderful Punic ports. This is the place to be, dedicated to an exclusive and trendy clientele. Lit by delicate blue neon lights, it offers you an evening out (until late, if you wish), around the many flavours of original mixed cocktails. You can also choose from an extensive menu of exceptional local or foreign wines, which you can accompany with gourmet delights.

If you are up for some music, a DJ will be spinning lounge music here on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Guests can also enjoy a unique selection of teas and pastries in the afternoons.

Le Light Bar at Villa Didon
Rue Mendès-France
Carthage Byrsa
Tunis 2016

+216 31 323 000


Menu: around 60 TND