Lake Titicaca: between heaven and earth

Lake Titicaca: between heaven and earth

You have to go to the small town of Puno, via Arequipa, to reach the largest lake in South America, which borders on Bolivia and Peru.

A promising tourist site for its outstanding landscape, Puno, folklore capital of Peru, is primarily a port of departure for excursions on Lake Titicaca. Some of the lake's 41 islands are inhabited.

Half an hour by boat takes you to Uros, the largest of the floating islands. Entirely man-made out of bulrushes, which is also a staple of the local diet, the plant is used to make everything from boats to toothbrushes. The people here have kept their traditions and dialects intact. Accompanied by a guide, immerse yourself in the distant past, welcomed by singing women in traditional costumes, who weave their gorgeous fabrics the same way as their ancestors did.

Sometimes a clan leader will show visitors the codes of survival in this strange, secret-laden world.