La Fenice: a temple of opera

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La Fenice: a temple of opera

Try to spend at least one evening in this legendary opera house, where the biggest names of the operatic stage have performed.

No theatre bears its name so well. Twice destroyed, twice rebuilt, like the phoenix, it always rises from the ashes, identical, with the same flamboyance, the same luxury.

Rossini, Verdi, and Bellini gave the world premieres of their operas on this legendary stage of Italian lyricism, open since 1792. Luchino Visconti also shot the first scenes of his masterpiece Senso here. Certainly, the Fenice lost its flamboyance for a while, but it has found it again. Another renaissance! This Italian-style theatre is enjoying a new lease on life and not just in terms of lyricism. Just look at these balconies adorned with fine layers of gold, the curtains made of rich velvet, the stage itself, radiating with beauty… It would almost overshadow the performers!

There is singing and dancing there. Carolyn Carlson and Pina Bausch are part of the repertoire for each season, and the ghost of María-Felicia García (La Malibran, the Spanish-born French opera singer who left her mark on the location), is always at the forefront to applaud them.

La Fenice
Campo San Fantin 1965
30124 Venezia

+39 041 786 654