La Chascona: the house-museum of the poet Pablo Neruda

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La Chascona: the house-museum of the poet Pablo Neruda

Though there are two other Pablo Neruda houses in Chile, La Chascona reveals the intimacy of the artist, as this is where he lived with his third wife, Matilde Urrutia.

Set on a hill in Bellavista, this is where the whimsical Chilean poet lived until his last days, preserving the memory of an original and creative life. A house museum, it is now the headquarters of the Pablo Neruda Foundation, and part of the National Heritage since 1990.

Arranged like a boat, it contains a round part that evokes a lighthouse and extends to lush exotic gardens, cherished by his muse. A compulsive collector and prolific writer, acknowledged with a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971, Neruda enjoyed this decor of miscellaneous objects, loaded with paintings, books and manuscripts collected during trips, or collected from artist friends.

Just next to the property is a cultural space that has been opened for readings and book presentations. It is intended to accommodate various events on the subject of poetry and to exhibit personal items of Neruda's that are still unknown to the public.

La Chascona
Fernando Márquez de La Plata 0192
Región Metropolitana

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