Kopitiam, traditional Malaysian coffee shop

Kopitiam, traditional Malaysian coffee shop

The thousand flavours of Southern Asia are united into this small address in Chelsea.

Craft, quality and family cooking. Such are the operative words upheld by Kyo Pang, Kopitiam's chef. In Hokkien dialect, a “kopitiam” is a traditional coffee house, where one can gossip with a Teh-O black tea cup in hand. In his New York restaurant, Kyo Pang wants to pass on the spirit of his country, whilst the recipes lie halfway between China and Malaysia, with added Portuguese, German and British touches. In terms of atmosphere, faded shared tables and inviting decoration will make you feel right at home. It is food itself that makes you travel. If for a first experience, opt for the Nasi Lemak, national Malaysian dish with a coconut rice-base, or chicken wrapped in aromatic pandan leaves, a tropical climbing plant.

151 East Broadway
10002 New York, NY

+1 646 609 3785


Menu: around 9 USD