Kawaii Monster Café, sweet craziness

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Kawaii Monster Café, sweet craziness

In the Harajuku district in Tokyo, the Kawaii Monster Café was born in August 2015 as a collaboration of the famous artistic director Sebastien Masuda and the Diamond Dining restaurant company.

Even more whimsical than Alice's wonderland, and crazier than all of Tim Burton's films combined, the Kawaii Monster Café has attracted many residents, tourists and celebrities since its opening in 2015. The principle of kimo-kawaii means ‘cute' and ‘crazy' at the same time, and is the establishment's signature. Located in Tokyo's fanciful fashion district, Kawaii Monster Café takes you into a colourful plastic den, where giant macaroons and animal heads mingle in delirious harmony.

On the menu, the ‘makizushis' are adorned with green and yellow sauces, the spaghetti forms a ball like multi-coloured yarn, the chicken is bathed in chocolate and the cocktails shine in the darkness. End your adventure with a ride with the ‘Monster Girls'. ‘The new Tokyo no one has ever seen', is the slogan of this hilarious address.


Kawaii Monster Café
Jingumae 4-31-10
YM Square Building, 4th floor
150-0001 Tokyo

+81 (0)3 5413 6142


Menu: around 3,000 JPY