Hajime, an artist at the helm of a 3-star restaurant

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Hajime, an artist at the helm of a 3-star restaurant

In the Edobori district of Osaka, Hajime is a restaurant that established itself as a pioneer of Japanese high-end gastronomy.

Every year, it figures prominently on the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list. In Osaka, Hajime and its 3 Michelin stars turn cooking into full-blown art. And yet, the restaurant more or less goes unnoticed. From the outside, it actually looks like a plain, modern and discreet white building. Once inside, the feeling does not go away, as the decoration remains understated and contemporary. Served on a white linen tablecloth, your plate will be all that matters. The compositions of chef Hajime Yoneda are true works of art – note that he is a painter in his spare time… Nature is his muse, and flowers, leaves and other chunks of wood inspire his creations. Chikyu (meaning “Planet Earth”), one of his signature dishes, is composed of 110 different vegetables, seeds and herbs. Let these complex and new flavours guide you, as they will turn your palate astir.

1-9-11-1F Edobori
Nishi-ku, Osaka
Osaka Prefecture 550-0002

+81 (0)6 6447 6688


Menu: from 30,240 JPY