Gol-o-Golab: the Rose Festival in Iran

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Gol-o-Golab: the Rose Festival in Iran

The rose harvest in the centre of the country is a sense-awakening event.

Let yourself be enchanted by the harvesting of the flowers for Mohammadi rosewater, better known as Damask Rose. Each year, this agricultural event, which takes place in the second half of May, brings visitors to the Kashan region in the province of Isfahan.

This artisanal production is the subject of genuine ceremony: villagers pick roses to the sound of prayers and traditional music before the flowers are distilled in copper stills. The petals twirl and the smell of roses fills the air in Kashan, in Qamsar—considered the capital of roses—as well as in small villages like Joshqan, Qali, Barzak and Niasar. The precious elixir is particularly appreciated for its cosmetic virtues, as well as for the subtle fragrance it brings to pastries.

Rose Festival

Second half of May


31 May 2016