Ghibli Museum: Miyazaki's NTV clock and Tokyo anime

Ghibli Museum: Miyazaki's NTV clock and Tokyo anime

In the footsteps of the animation master, Hayao Miyazaki, discover another face of Tokyo, from Kichijoji to Shiodome.

Head to Kichijoji, a new bohemian neighbourhood in Tokyo, where designer boutiques and fashionable florists abound. From the Mitaka station take the yellow ‘cat-bus' so you can leap directly into the fantastical universe of the masterpiece, My Neighbour Totoro. Once you arrive at the Ghibli Museum, you can parade between the wolves of Princess Mononoke, laze about in the bathhouse of Spirited Away, or fly off to The Castle in the Sky.

You can relive scenes of these major animated films produced by the Ghibli Studio through film excerpts, original drawings, museum exhibits, and even a reproduction of the office of the master Miyazaki himself, where you will see the thousands of pencils he used. You can end your anime stroll at Inokashira park to take the subway.

In the Shiodome neighbourhood, at the bottom of the Nippon Television tower, Miyazaki's copper clock will entertain you, with the automatons who exit and dance about while music plays and bells chime, a real din that enchants Ghibli fans.

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