Frontiers of Flight Museum, the pioneers of the sky

Frontiers of Flight Museum, the pioneers of the sky

Take off to visit this aerospace museum exploring the frontiers of aeronautics.

The famous motto, “Higher, faster, farther,” has inspired generations of pilots to go off into the great unknown. Within the walls of this museum, these words resonate, reaffirming a mission to explore space in all its dimensions. Created under the leadership of William E. (Bill) Cooper and Jan Collmer in 1988, the Frontiers of Flight Museum presents the incredible collection of objects and archives of George E. Haddaway, a prominent aviation historian and publisher of Flight magazine. From the parachutes designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1485 to the first steps of aviation at the beginning of the 20th century and modern space exploration, the path of the museum traces humanity's unfinished conquest. Two-seaters, military aircraft, and airliners are to be found along this tour in life-size models or engineering drawings. If you decide to get on board, don't miss the northern part of the museum, which features a Mustang Aviation hangar from the 1940s.

Frontiers of Flight Museum
6911 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX 75209

Tel : +1 214 350 3600