Floating over the pink waters of Lake Retba

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Floating over the pink waters of Lake Retba

Just north of Dakar, a stunning pink lake (‘retba' means pink in Wolof) provides an impressive scene: salt-collection teams working together, just a few hundred meters from the Atlantic Ocean.

Renowned for the colour of its water, which ranges from vibrant pink to deep mauve depending on the season and the time of day, Lake Retba, or Lac Rose in French, is an impressive site, as much for the salt collection as for the simple beauty of the place.

As shallow as it is large, the water has ten times the salt content of the ocean, amounting to 300 grams per litre. The locals working there cover themselves with shea butter to protect their skin from the harsh waters. The men or women scoop up the salt and either put it into bags or into boats to be led away.

The nearby dunes can also be explored on foot or even in a 4x4, if you plan in advance. The site is just an hour north of Dakar, depending on the traffic, do not miss your opportunity to visit.

Lake Retba
About 30 kilometres northeast of Dakar