Fadila El Gadi: signature needlework

Fadila El Gadi: signature needlework

When aristocratic Rabat dresses, it does so with clothes from this designer who is the best known and most talented in Morocco.

A little girl's dream: as a child, Fadila El Gadi watched the embroiderers of Salé using golden thread. She learned this art and later enrolled in Rabat's School of Fashion before oprning her first shop. She met Yves Saint Laurent, working with him in Marrakech, and then created her own label, which is now the most exported Moroccan brand worldwide.

When we travel, we like to go shopping, be struck by a garment that everyone around us will notice, appreciate, and envy—but not own. It's human! In this slender and graceful young woman's shop, you can try on dresses, trousers, and blouses with functional, modern, and perfect cuts.

When Fadila El Gadi puts 18th-century embroidery on each piece of taffeta or silk, she infuses them with sensuality and femininity. When you wear them, regardless of your figure, you acquire what used to be called ‘distinction'. An elegant boutique to discover at any cost!

Fadila El Gadi
Avenue Allal Ben Abdallah

+212 (0) 537 703 450