El Aurassi Hotel, the most beautiful view onto Algiers

El Aurassi Hotel, the most beautiful view onto Algiers

If it is your first stay in Algiers, then you must go to this hotel, which style is typical of the 1960's and 1970's.

The cubic silhouette of the hotel, located on the Bouzaréah hill, is visible from pretty much anywhere in Algiers. The hotel was built in the 1960's but lost nothing of its fine figure. It even became trendy due to the vintage items and furniture. However, bedrooms, conference rooms, the restaurant and the entrance hall have all been renovated.
Book a room seaside and let the wonderful panoramas soothe you, from the blue lights of the Mustapha jetty and the orange ones of the Moutonnière road that runs along the bay in the East, to the rising sun that appears above the Atlas mountains... What could top that?
Do not hesitate and enjoy the swimming pool and tennis court, located below the hotel. They share the same mesmerizing view.

El Aurassi Hotel
2, boulevard Franz Fanon
Les Tagarins
16000 Algiers

+213 21 74 82 52


Rooms: from 22,500 DZD