Dar El Haddad: one of the medina's finest palaces

Dar El Haddad: one of the medina's finest palaces

One of the oldest and most refined of the palaces of Tunis, Dar El Haddad is a gem to visit.

Since the 18th-century, this building has borne the name of Saïd el-Haddad, a wealthy fez maker who belonged to one of the most important Andalusian families to arrive in Tunisia after the fall of Granada. The family quickly made its fortune and acquired this exceptional palace, today classified as a historic monument and restored by the national archaeological services.

Before the entry, on both sides of the impasse, are stables and other palace annexes. Two vestibules with side benches lead to the courtyard, which is surrounded by columns in porticoes. The architectural splendour of the residence will dazzle you, from the painted wood ceilings to the magnificence of the galleries and rooms.

With an original overall layout and a huge variety of decorative elements, this building is a sumptuous blend of Ottoman and Andalusian influences and it is also one of the Tunis medina's most remarkable buildings.

Dar El Haddad
Rue du château

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