Cosmo: under the influence of the south west

Cosmo: under the influence of the south west

Chef Bernard Esquirol has transformed a beautiful Art Deco villa into a kingdom of French cuisine with a southwest accent.

A beautiful Art Deco villa, an elegant room for cool evenings, and a superb terrace planted with trees and flowers facing the ramparts serve as the backdrop for French cuisine with the lilting accents of the southwest. On the menu and as a starter, it will be hard to choose between the famous gilthead bream carpaccio with herbs, the seasonal vegetables salad with parmesan chips or a mozzarella di buffala, straight from Italy, with ripe tomatoes and basil.

There is a great fish menu (salmon, monkfish) or, more simply, a grilled fillet of beef with green pepper sauce to sharpen your senses, all punctuated by a nice Moroccan wine list. The rich and varied cuisine of chef Esquirol makes the Cosmo a must in the Kingdom's capital. Finally, you cannot refuse a lemon pie under a starry night, taking in the iodic perfume of the fresh sea spray.

Restaurant Cosmopolitan
Avenue Ibn Toumert
10000 Rabat

+212 (0) 537 200 028

Menu: around 300 MAD