A Matricula, the honeyed side of Balagna

A Matricula, the honeyed side of Balagna

Beekeepers from father to son, Jean-Claude and Francois Gras operate more than 200 hives located in the municipality of Santa-Reparata-di-Balagna.

Carrying on the tradition of harvesting honey products, A Matricula guarantees quality honey, with rich flavours and subtle aromas, combining the sweetness of spring flowers and the strong character of chestnuts.

There are six varieties of honey and related products, all stamped with the “Mele-di-Corsica” protected designation of origin. There are tastings at the shop, offering honey, spice bread, biscuits with honey, and hazelnuts from Cervione.

The beekeepers will share anecdotes to explain the concept of 'transhumance', which involves moving their hives to southern Corsica and the chestnut forests on mountain heights when spring ends so as to respect the rhythm of the seasons and the blossom cycle that bees love.

A Matricula
20220 Santa-Reparata-di-Balagna

+33 (0)4 95 60 16 21