What is a mobile online boarding pass?

You can now receive your boarding pass directly on your mobile phone. By connecting to http://mobile.airfrance.com from 30 hours* of takeoff, you can check in online and save time at the airport.
You will receive a boarding pass in the form of a text message or e-mail, which can be displayed on your telephone to show the boarding personnel.
In addition, your boarding pass can be automatically downloaded to your mobile phone with the Air France app. Simply connect to the Internet to view your boarding pass or present it to staff. If you have an iPhone equipped with iOS 6, use Passbook, the digital wallet app by Apple. Once you check in using the Air France app, you automatically receive your boarding pass in Passbook format. When you accept this service:
- a notification will display on your screen before your flight’s departure,
- you can use your boarding pass via Passbook without connecting to the Internet.

* 24 hours before all flights provided by Delta Air Lines and Air France flights departing from Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis.