How can I receive my trip summary?

Your trip summary will be sent to you by e-mail after you purchase your ticket online. You can print your trip summary and keep it with you throughout your flight.
You can also print it later when checking in online.

The trip summary serves as a sales receipt. It contains the following information:
- your booking number, your ticket number,
- your flight dates and times,
- the number and weight limit of baggage items you can transport at no extra charge,
- your fare, as well as taxes and service charges.

In case you did not receive your trip summary
Check  your mail box, as the trip summary may has been considered as spam .
A new trip summary can be sent to you at any time (If you purchased your ticket online or in an Air France sales office). Simply request a new trip summary in the “View/modify your bookings” section of our website.
You can specify a different email address.