Do I have to pay for my ticket as soon as I make my booking?

If you need time to think when booking online (for a flight with an Air France flight number), you can opt for a Time to Think option. This option allows you to guarantee your booking and your rate for up to 3 days.* The price varies according to your destination and travel cabin. This service is free for babies under 2 years of age, whatever the flight and travel cabin. For more information about the Time to Think option, please consult the “Book a flight” section.

To confirm your purchase, simply go to the “Your bookings” section and pay for your ticket before the end of the Time to Think period, without changing your original booking. If you do not confirm your purchase, your booking will be automatically canceled at the end of the Time to Think period.

* The duration of the Time to Think period varies depending on your destination and the date of your booking.