Air France - Sky Team

Options for your flight

Enjoy our personalized services at the airport, both upon departure or arrival or during connecting flight(s)!

Air France offers additional services when you purchase your ticket. These services are designed to make your trip more comfortable by allowing you to additional baggage or enjoy more room in the cabin. You can purchase these options online from our websites or through your mobile phone.

Purchase additional baggage allowance

Your baggage allowance corresponds to the maximum weight and number of baggage items that you can transport in the hold at no extra charge. If you exceed the size, weight, or number of baggage items allowed, you will have to pay an extra fee when checking in.

You can purchase your additional baggage allowance:
  • when purchasing your ticket online*,
  • at any time after purchasing your ticket, in the “Manage your reservations” area,
  • when checking in online (departing from certain airports and only for flights provided by Air France).

By purchasing your additional baggage allowance online, you will receive a 20%** reduction compared to the price at the airport!

Are you a Flying Blue Silver, Gold, or Platinum member? With your card, the 1st checked baggage item beyond your cabin´s baggage allowance is free of charge (23 kg / 50 lb maximum, or 32 kg / 70 lb if you are traveling in the Affaires or La Première cabins). The 20% reduction that you receive when purchasing online is valid for all other additional baggage items that you wish to transport.

* Except for flights to and from Corsica. In this case, additional baggage allowance can only be purchased during online check-in.
** This service is available online, departing from certain cities, and only on flights operated by Air France.

Reserve a Seat Plus for greater comfort

To ensure you receive more leg room in the Voyageur cabin during long-haul flights*, choose Seat Plus!

You can reserve your Seat Plus:
  • when purchasing your ticket online or through your mobile phone,
  • after purchasing your ticket, in the “Manage your reservations” area,
  • when checking in online, at the airport by using our Self-Service Kiosks (in metropolitan France and the United States) or at Air France counters in certain airports.
Please note that only a limited number of these seats are available: remember to reserve your Seat Plus as soon as you purchase your ticket!


This service is available to you at the following rates:
  • €50 per seat and per flight if the duration of your flight is less than or equal to 9 hours**,
  • €70 per seat and per flight if the duration of your flight is greater than 9 hours.
It is free of charge for Flying Blue Gold and Platinum members who identify themselves with their Flying Blue card number when purchasing their ticket.


Depending on the aircraft, these seats are located:
  • on the upper deck of the Boeing 747-400,
  • next to the emergency exit doors of the Boeing 773 and 772, Airbus A330 and A380.
Please note: among the Seat Plus rows on the upper deck of the Boeing 747-400, only row 65 offers Seat Plus next to the emergency doors.

*Flights on Airbus A340, flights to/from Mauritius, Amman and Damascus are not eligible for this offer. Please note that Seat Plus purchases are not available when departing from certain international airports.
** If your departure or return flight lasts less than 9 hours, the Seat Plus price is €50 per seat and per flight.