Flying Blue at a glance

How to earn Miles

With more than 18,000 daily flights, 900 destinations and 100 partners, Flying Blue makes earning Miles easier worldwide.

What is a Mile ?

The Mile is a measure of distance and, by extension, the universal unit of airlines´ Frequent Flyer Programmes. With Flying Blue, the Miles you earn to use for Awards are called Award Miles.

You earn Award Miles:

  • on eligible flights with AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, Aircalin, Kenya Airways, Tarom, SkyTeam airlines(1) and partner airlines,
  •  or by using the services of Flying Blue non-airline partners as specified by Flying Blue Earning Scheme and conditions.

Your Award Miles per flight vary according to:

  • distance flown (actual distance, set number of Miles or minimum mileage),
  • ticket fare(1),
  • class of service and booking class (1).

    Examples :
  • A First class round trip between Paris and Tokyo, will earn you 36,174 Award Miles:12,058 Miles for the actual distance , plus an additional 24,116 Miles class of service bonus for travelling First class.
  • A round trip between Amsterdam and Paris in Economy class, will earn you 1,500 Miles (750 Miles as a minimum mileage).
Award Miles from non-airline partners are set for each partner and specified in the Flying Blue Earning Scheme.

Collect your Award Miles by giving your Flying Blue Card number when :
  • making reservations with AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, Aircalin, Kenya Airways, Tarom, SkyTeam or other airline partners,
  • checking in at the airport,
  • using the services of non-airline partners.
Validity of Award Miles
As a Flying Blue member, you can maintain your Award Miles for life, simply by taking one flight* every 20 months on AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, Kenya Airways, Aircalin, Tarom or on any SkyTeam member.
* Must be a Miles-earning fare flight

(1) Certain exceptions apply.