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About your Awards

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Everything you need to know in order to obtain your Award.

Award tickets

Classic Award : Award tickets for you or the person of your choice

You can use your Miles towards an Award ticket to the destination of your choice. The Classic Awards schedule corresponds to round-trip tickets(1).
This schedule Classic Awards is used by AIR FRANCE, KLM, and all SkyTeam companies, which means you can combine several flights on the same ticket.

On AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, Kenya Airways flights, you can take advantage of a one-way Award ticket(2) for half the price of a round-trip Award.

Now you can use your Award Miles to pay taxes and fees for Award tickets. The rate is 7,500 Award Miles for taxes and fees for each flight segment.
This option is valid for AIR FRANCE and KLM Awards tickets on flights within Europe (except for flights entirely within France). To pay for your taxes and fees using your Miles, please contact the Flying Blue Service Center.
New option!

You can now use your Award Miles to pay for taxes and service fees on your Award tickets. This option costs 7,500 Miles per flight. It is available for all AIR FRANCE and KLM flights in Europe*. To benefit from this option, please contact Flying Blue Customer Service.

* Except for domestic flights in France

Do you want to know how many Miles are required for a round-trip Award ticket on AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, Kenya Airways or another SkyTeam partner?
Select your departure city and your destination in the Miles Finder below.

(1) Reservations for Award tickets are made according to the availability of seats allocated for Award tickets. Please be aware that the cost of airport and security taxes and fuel surcharges is not covered by your Miles and must be paid separately.
(2) Stopovers are not permitted on this type of ticket. Only US residents can take advantage of the one-way Award ticket to the United States. The reservation of a one-way ticket Award ticket on a domestic flight inside France is only available via internet. Some code-sharing flights do not allow the issue of Award tickets. For more information, contact Flying Blue.
(3) Only valid for the number of seats available on the flight. Using Flex Award to fly in First Class or Business Class is reserved for Flying Blue Elite members. The Flex Award does not apply to Upgrade, Excess baggage, Round-the-world Awards, or for Award tickets reserved on franchised or code-sharing flights. The Flex Award ticket can be exchanged or re-credited free of charge. Application conditions are available from the Flying Blue Customer Service department.
(4) You cannot include a stopover on an AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, Kenya Airways and Northwest Award one-way ticket. In order to include a stopover in Paris between Amsterdam and Marseilles, you will need 2 separate Award tickets.
(5) You can include a maximum of 6 stopovers, including a maximum of 3 on the same continent (America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania). Your Award allows you to arrive in one city and to leave from another ("open jaw"). The Flex Award Option does not apply to the Round-the-world Award.

the Flex Award

For AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa and Kenya Airways  routes, you can reserve a round-trip Award ticket(3) on the flight of your choice, even if no Award seats are available, by doubling the number of Miles required for your Award ticket.
The Flex Award is also possible for one-way tickets on AIR FRANCE and KLM flights.

Multiple solutions for your Award tickets

  • Increasing your route options
    -You can include up to 6 international flights segments with a single award ticket:
    For example, an outward trip comprising Madrid - Paris - New York - Atlanta and a return trip comprising Atlanta - New York - Amsterdam - Madrid.
    -You can break up your trip on domestic flights within France once on the outward trip and once on the return trip:
    For example, an outward trip comprising Marseilles - Paris - Brest and a return trip comprising Brest - Lyon - Marseilles.
  • Making a stopover
    You can make one 24-hour stopover during a round-trip providing the stopover country4 is not the country of departure:
    For example, on a trip comprising Amsterdam - Toulouse - Madrid, you can include a stopover in Toulouse but you cannot do so on the return journey comprising Madrid - Toulouse - Amsterdam.
    Or for example, on an outward trip comprising Atlanta - New York - Paris and Paris - New York-Atlanta (return), you cannot include a stopover in New York.
  • Arriving in one city and leaving from another
    Your Award ticket allows you to arrive in one city and come back from another. This is known as an "open jaw" flight:
    For example, you are entitled to an "open jaw" on Nice - Paris - Amsterdam and London - Paris - Nice, but you are not entitled to a double "open jaw" on Amsterdam - Paris - New York (outward) and Atlanta - Paris - London (return).
  • Round-the-world
    All your Award ticket needs to include is one transatlantic flight and one trans-Pacific flight. All flight segments5 must be in the same direction, without back-tracking (East to West or West to East).

Award ticket issuance

  • Reservation
    You can reserve your SkyTeam Award tickets on internet up to 24 hours before departure, or by contacting Flying Blue Client Service.
    One-way Award tickets for domestic French flights can only be reserved via internet.
    In order to reserve a flight on another partner airline, contact Flying Blue Customer Services at least two weeks before your departure date. We would recommend that you reserve your tickets as early as possible.
    If your Award ticket is not issued within 4 days of the reservation, your reservation will be cancelled automatically.
  • Getting your Award ticket
    Your Award ticket will be issued as an electronic ticket.
    In the event that your Award ticket does not meet the issuing conditions for an electronic ticket, it will be sent to your usual postal address.
    You should allow 5 days for receipt in France and the Netherlands, and 14 days for other countries.
  • Airport taxes, safety, other tax and access rights
    You are responsible for paying all applicable taxes, rights and surcharges required by the various countries and airports. The amount to pay will be specified when you make your reservation. You will need to pay these by credit card when your ticket is issued.
    Remember to check out the administrative formalities, visas, taxes and vaccinations necessary before departure.

Modifying an Award ticket after issuance

Your Award ticket is valid for one year after issuance.
If for any reason you wish to modify your Award ticket after it is issued, you can do so by calling Flying Blue Customer Service. You can modify it after issuance by paying a set fee of 45 euros.

  • On AIR FRANCE, KLM and SkyTeam flights, you can modify
    - prior to departure: date/flight number/itinerary within the same Flying Blue geographic area/the SkyTeam airline/the number of flight coupons,
    - after departure: date/flight number/SkyTeam airline.
    Your electronic ticket will be immediately reissued. If an electronic ticket cannot be issued, allow 4 days before going to collect the new ticket in an AIR FRANCE, KLM, or Air Europa branch.
    If no suitable date can be found, your Miles can be re-credited to your account by paying 45 euros, but only before the scheduled departure date.
    These modifications are offered via the Flex Award Option valid on AIR FRANCE, KLM, Air Europa, Kenya Airways flights.
  • On flights operated by partner airlines you can modify:
    - prior to departure: date/flight number/itinerary within the same Flying Blue geographic area,
    - after departure: date/flight number.
    Cancelling your flight and making the new reservation must be done at the same time.
    If no suitable date can be found, your Miles can be re-credited to your account by paying 45 euros, but only before the scheduled departure date.