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In partnership with tgvair, Air France offers you several rail links between the Paris- Charles de Gaulle TGV station, located in the center of the airport, and :
- Angers – St Laud,
- Le Mans,
- Lille Europe,
- Lorraine TGV,
- Lyon Part-Dieu,
- Nantes,
- Poitiers,
- Tours – St Pierre des Corps,
- Toulon.

Traveling by rail and then by air

Your tgvair rail travel documents will be given to you when you present your plane ticket at the tgvair counter in the SNCF station.
When booking your ticket online, you benefit from one ticket for the entirety of your trip (rail-air). To obtain your travel documents, all you need to do is show your trip summary or a valid form of ID.

Check-in reminders:

· Check-in Deadline is 15 minutes before your train´s departure.
· You benefit from an end-to-end check-in (rail-air).
· If you are checking baggage in the aircraft hold, visit your flight´s check-in counter or the e-services baggage drop-off counter upon your arrival at the airport.

Please note:
· SNCF denies access to the platform 2 minutes prior to the train doors closing. You will be unable to board the train if you arrive at the platform after this time.
· The air segment of your ticket is only valid if you have completed the rail segment of your trip.

Traveling by air and then by rail

Upon arrival at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, go to the tgvair counter in the TGV station where your rail travel documents will be given to you.

If you checked in hold baggage, don't forget to reclaim your bags before you go to the TGV station at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

· The rail segment of your ticket is only valid if you have completed the air segment of your trip.

More Flying Blue Miles
By traveling with tgvair, you can earn* Flying Blue Miles more quickly, gaining access to a wide range of benefits offered to Flying Blue Elite members.

* You can earn Flying Blue Miles on all routes in the Air France tgvair network. You can then use these Miles and benefit from Reward tickets on the whole tgvair network (except for routes between Paris and Nantes or between Paris and Lyon.)
Domestic pets

You may be accompanied by your dog on the train:

  • if it is placed in a cage or basket,
  • if it is seated on your lap or kept on a lead, as long as it has a muzzle.

If you are sight-impaired, a muzzle is not compulsory for your guide dog.
Other domestic pets must be placed in a cage or basket, the dimensions of which must not exceed 30x30x55cm.

If you are combining air and rail travel, please remember to check the website section which covers transportation conditions for animals onboard our aircraft.

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