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The Caribbean, picture-postcard and enchanting coastline

From Martinique to Cuba, passing by Saint Martin and Haïti, the Caribbean offers a postcard setting with beaches, coconut trees and turquoise waters. With these islands each more enchanting than the last, a journey to the Caribbean is always an escape.

A stay in Guadeloupe or in Martinique immerses you in a fascinating easy-going lifestyle. The large diversity of scenery, allied with the quality of the Creole gastronomy and the tropical climate make these French West Indian islands a haven of delight for travellers in search of a change of scenery. Forming the wings of a butterfly, Grande Terre and Basse Terre are the heart of Guadeloupe, which beats the whole year round to the rhythm of essential cultural events. Whether it is walking up Mount Pelée, bathing on the Saline Beach or a lively evening outing in Fort-de-France, Martinique will make your journey to the Caribbean an unforgettable moment.

Book a flight to Saint Martin and set off on the discovery of an island as little known as is it heavenly. Very close by, Saint-Barthélemy is the symbol of luxury and exquisite pleasure that exudes the privileged scent of the Caribbean. Its dreamlike beaches rub shoulders with a fascinating biodiversity, perfect for doing some sailing or scuba diving in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Sea is also bordered by Cuba and the Dominican Republic. With a flight to Havana, immerse yourself in the Cuban culture, and live the laid-back lifestyle in the midst of pastel coloured houses and the exceptional historic heritage of the old town. In the Dominican Republic, walk in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus and benefit from enchanting surroundings, rich in coconut plantations and lagoons. The island of Hispaniola, one half of which is Haïti, is a popular destination for hotel clubs and also a hotspot for heritage stemming from the colonial period.