Prohibited and regulated goods

Items prohibited on board

For your safety, some items are strictly prohibited on board. These items will be confiscated at baggage control.

Items prohibited in all baggage

- Matches, lighters and lighter fluid
- Ink cartridges
- Electrolyte batteries
- Lithium batteries with a power rating above 160 Wh (see the Conditions for transporting batteries and lithium batteries for more information)
- Segways and electric unicycles (even with batteries removed), as well as related electric vehicles (hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, etc.)
- Fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, signal flares, cap or toy guns, firelighters and tear gas
- Camp stoves, gas canisters and scuba oxygen tanks
- Paints, varnishes and lacquers
- Toxic, infectious and radioactive materials
- Chemical products, fertilizers, weed killers, pesticides and insecticides
- Paint removers, bleach and chlorine
- Inflammable liquids such as fuel, thinners, solvents and acetones
- Mercury thermometers and barometers
Samsung Galaxy Note7 prohibited on board
Since 15 October 2016, all Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones are strictly prohibited on all flights provided by AIR FRANCE, KLM, HOP! and Delta. Customers may no longer travel with this device in any form - whether on their person, in hand baggage, as checked baggage, or as freight.

Items prohibited in hand baggage

- Blades and any sharp, blunt, metallic or non-metallic items that may be used as weapons (for example: nail scissors, razor blades, etc.)
- Firearms
- Hunting and sport weapon cartridges and ammunition
- Perfume bottles exceeding 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz
- Cosmetic aerosol containers exceeding 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz

Items prohibited in checked baggage

- Underwater diving flashlights (without battery and/or bulb)
- E-cigarettes and spare batteries for their use

Import restrictions

Various countries prohibit or strictly regulate the import of perishable goods such as food and plants.
Animal products
Importing certain animal-based products into the European Union (EU) is prohibited or strictly regulated due to the risk of introducing disease. Failure to declare the transport of these products may lead to fines or criminal charges.*

Please note: transporting any form of meat from wild animals by air (cabin, hold or freight) is strictly prohibited when traveling to the European Union. Passengers violating this law may receive criminal charges.*

* As outlined in Article L237-3 of the French Rural and Maritime Fishing Code

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